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It shines a light where before there was a darkness and confusion. At the first Saturn Return many old karmic patterns and obligations are rather suddenly removed.

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Astrology, Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo

I have emphasized the periods of approximately seven years which coincide with the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions of transiting Saturn to its natal place. There are almost always major adjustments called for at these times, revisions of attitudes, important decisions, alteration of how much responsibility one is taking on or how one views those responsibilities, and sometimes radical changes of lifestyle, profession, work structure, and personal life.

Of all of these transits, the Saturn return at the approximate ages of 29 and 58 has received the most attention in astrological writings. Unfortunately, the treatment of those crucial periods has often been rather on the negative side, emphasizing how difficult those periods are often felt to be.

Therefore, it is appropriate that we explore the Saturn return here a bit more deeply. It should be noted that many of the concepts outlined below are also applicable to some extent to other transits of Saturn to its natal place as well.

Bestselling Series

The 5th… is more playful sex, sexual comfort, sexual playfulness. The 8th house is more sexual intensity and it represents, among many other meanings, the urge to be healed and to have a catharsis - to have a release from psychic tension through sexuality. I agree with most of the choices, but remain mildly baffled by a…. View On WordPress.

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Log in Sign up. Karmic Transformations. I have defined the basic astrological factors in terms of experience: the planets as dimensions of experience; the signs as qualities of experience; and the houses as various fields of experience. Another important point about lunar aspects is that any close aspect involving the Moon colors how we feel about ourselves—what is commonly called the self-image. Virgo deals with purification of the ego and of the personal motives behind overt behavior, and Pisces is related to the purification of the emotions and mental images that have accumulated over the centuries.

Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Karma, and Transformation , page Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Karma, and Transformation We can sometimes resist the increasing pressure for change in our lives for quite a long time; but, eventually we come to realize that such resistance is in effect resistance to that which would make us more whole and, thus, more human.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Transits trigger typical behaviour or tendencies. Thus, the transits of the big planets, especially of Saturn and Uranus, express the characteristics of the time in which they become activated. The daily horoscope is basically calculated by taking your birth data and the planets of the current day and time at your present location to see how they move through your birth chart. Your birth planets and the current planets form aspects, which are interpreted as your daily horoscope.

The planets' positions within the zodiac depend not just on the day, year and time; they also depend on the location.

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That is why I ask you to enter your current location in the form as well. The planets of your birth chart form aspects with the planets of the current day. We speak of transit activation when an aspect is formed at exactly 0 degrees, which becomes "valid" in your daily horoscope.

Stephen Arroyo | Book Depository

Since nothing on this planet is black and white, transits are allowed to have orbs, deviations from that 0 degree mark. Given the above, a general daily horoscope for "Aquarius" cannot be accurate! If you were born as an Aquarius, you would get completely different daily horoscopes at different birth years, birth days, birth months, birth times and birth locations.

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